Saturday, December 11, 2010

Current Breeders' Inspection Reports

BREEDER: Rhonda Gear 423 McKinley Galt, MO 64641 USDA# 46-B-3613

Inspection Date: Sept. 8, 2010

 "An adult female Cocker Spaniel "Blackie" had fleshy protrustions in the medial aspect of each eye. These masses were approximately 2mmX4mm and extended into each eye.. there was a thick yellow discharge.. This item was non compliant on Jan. 20, 1020 and May 17, 2010"

"In two enclosures inside of the sheltered facility there were two male Rottweilers that were not tall enough to allow the dogs to sit, stand, and lie down in a normal manner, and to turn around freely."

"One of the inspectors observed a dog in an enclosure licking the plug of the wire in the outlet."

 Inspection Date: May 20, 2010

"..the enclosures had greater than a daily accumulation of fecal material and there was a thin layer of accumulated fecal material covering nearly the entire floor surface.. This is a repeat non compliant item.. the licensee was instructed to address this non compliant item by the close of business on Wednesday 19 May 2010." 

Inspection Date: May 17, 2010

"There was a very strong and prominent odor present in the sheltered facility 'rottie building'."

"On the east side of the sheltered facility the drains have become detached allowing effluent to flow onto the ground."
Inspection Date: Jan 20, 2010

"A female gray and white Shih Tzu was present with a heavily matted face and chest."

"A female lemon and white Beagle was present with excessively long toe nails causing the dogs toes to be splayed in an abnormal manner."

"A male Dachshund was present with severe dental issues.  The gums were reddened and inflamed with a thick brownish tartar like accumulation on all teeth."

"In one outdoor enclosure the entire area was covered with wet mud/feces making it difficult for the animals to remain clean and dry.  In an adjacent enclosure there were standing puddles of water.  A strong fecal odor was also present."

"In the indoor whelping facility there was a distinct and prominent ammonia odor."

Inspection Date: Jul. 1, 2009
"I female Dachshund measured approximately 13 in. and the primary enclosure measured approximately 17 in. in height." 

Inspection Date: Nov. 17, 2008

"Throughout the outdoor housing facilities, affecting 75 dogs, there was some buy not enough bedding.. The temperature within the last few days had dropped down in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range and is expected to drop into the teens this coming night."

BREEDER: Debbie and Ken Turner Cozy Country Kennel 476 Teer Rd. Macks Creek, MO 65786 USDA# 43-a-2939

Inspection Date: Oct. 4, 2010

"The following dogs are in need of veterinary medical attention:1) female, black and white cocker spaniel: Her left eye has a reddish colored mass of swollen tissue in the corner and has a brownish colored discharge around it.2) female, red and white Pomeranian is holding her right eye in a closed position and squinting.  She also has matted hair around her bottom.3) female dachshund: both of her eyes are sunken and the eyelids curl inwards and have wet discharge around them."

"None of the enclosures in the first set of outdoor, chain link runs closest to the house, containing a total of 21 dogs, had shade at the time of inspection."

"The shelter for 2 Yorkshire terriers contained an accumulation of old, dried out fecal material.

Inspection Date: Nov. 9, 2009

"These are fish amoxicillin and a fish cephalexin.  These are labeled for fish use only."

"There were several metal self feeders in the whelping building interior and the outdoor runs for the adult dogs that have become rusted on the interior."

Inspection Date: Sep. 24, 2008

"the shelter boxes provided to the animals consisted of blue plastic barrels.."

"the bottom of the self feeder was caked in the bottom and was also a moldy, green color."

BREEDER: Amy Woodley Dreamland Kennel 4603 CO Rd 5030 Willow Springs, MO 65793 USDA# 43-a-4512

Inspection Date: Sep. 8, 2009

"The Miniature Pinscher puppy has swollen irritated eyes and a swollen abdomen and generally appears like she doesn't feel well.  This puppy must be evaluated by the veterinarian this day and the treatment plan followed."

"The broken wires cause sharp points that can injure the dogs as they move about."

"Insects, pests, rodents, and snakes can use the grassy area for breeding, living and travel areas.  When they are in close proximity like this, the can contaminate the area and food."

"Inside the puppy room there are numerous rodent droppings around the water heater and door.  There are rodent droppings on the floor in the whelping room.. This affects 144 adult dogs and 87 puppies."

Inspection Date: Sep. 2, 2009

"The metal sides are very rusty and have large holes in them and there are jagged edges in the walls.  The air conditioner is dropping water onto the concrete and the water is green and slimy with algae."

Inspection Date: Oct. 17, 2008

"Inside the whelp building there are 3 enclosures that do not provide the 6" if space between the dog's head and the top of the enclosure."

"The feeders that are attached to the raised enclosures on the inside of the whelp building have an accumulation of hair, dirt, and other unidentified matter."

BREEDER: Betty Fetters Fetters Furry Friends 16903 State Hwy 6 Novinger, MO 63559 USDA# 43-b-3484

Inspection Date: Jul. 20, 2010

"There was an end pen with a poodle that had a corner covered with older chicken wire.  Some of the wire was loose and starting to break."

"There was one pen where the panel wire had been bent and broken by the dog."

"The dogs in these pens can stick their legs and heads through the openings."

BREEDER: Mike and Melanie Moore Mam Kennel 137 South K K Hwy Lamar, MO 64759 USDA# 43-a-5625

Prelicense Inspection Date: May 3, 2010

The one outside enclosures has a bottom brace pole that is rusted from halfway point all the way towards the front of the enclosures.  Need to maintain the enclosures to keep them in good repair."

"There are 7 enclosures to hutch style, that have wire sticking into the enclosures and could injure the canines."

BROKER: Jeff Conger 5097 Hwy W Mountain Grove, MO 65711 USDA# 43-b-3588

Inspection Date: Feb. 25, 2009.

"At the time of inspection there were 17 puppies on the truck.. This inspection was conducted at the Red Roof Inn, Rowe Ave. Milford, CT parking lot."

BREEDER: Magdelena McGowan Orchard Kennel 11200 Hwy 38Cabool, MO 65689 USDA# 43-a-4545

Inspection Date: Jan. 30, 2008

"The owner needs to remove these items from the kennel area in order to keep the grounds in good repair and to reduce or eliminate breeding and living areas for rodents, pests, vermin and to keep the premises free of accumulations of trash, junk, waste products, and discarded matter."

"Inventory: 208 adult dogs and 90 puppies."

BREEDER: Alisa Breedlove Breedloves Unique Kennel 21309 Risky Road Waynesville, MO 65583 USDA# 43-a-4023

Inspection Date: Sep. 13, 2010

"The owner needs to establish and maintain a program of cleaning that assures that all surfaces of housing facilities are cleaned and sanitized when necessary to satisfy generally accepted husbandry standards and practices in order to be in compliance with this regulation."

"There were 12 hutches that had chewed edges around the entry ways to the housing units."

Inspection Date: Aug. 6, 2008

"The owner needs to sanitize all hard surfaces as to remove mineral buildup in order to be in compliance with this regulation."

BREEDER: Bobby Schmitt Paws and Tails Puppies 4601 Rhea Dr Hartville, MO 65667 USDA# 43-a-3795

Inspection Date: Dec. 8, 2008

"At the time of inspection, four of the outside doghouses did not have adequate windbreaks around the doors."

BREEDER: Linda Brasher Elite Puppies 10821 Lake Cut Off Rd Havana, AR 72642 
USDA# 71-a-0762

Inspection Date: Jul. 29, 2008

"At the time of this inspection, the surfaces that the animals come into contact with were dirty with grime and caked-on feces."

BREEDER: Carmen Whorton Cripple Creek Kennel Rural Route 2, Box 81 Mansfield, MO 65704 USDA# 43-a-2780

Inspection Date: Dec. 29, 2008

"The Program of Veterinary Care was last signed on 9/21/2007."

BREEDER: Charles Feldman 27062 S. 1625 Rd Sheldon, MO 64764 
USDA# 43-a-1704

Inspection Date: Dec. 2, 2009

"There are several surfaces on several buildings that the dogs have chewed the wood on the doors, dog houses, and dividers.  These surfaces should be maintained on a regular basis.. Inventory: 79 adult canines, 18 puppies."

BREEDER: Betty Mings Bet-ter Kennel 7930 Hwy 95 Mountain Grove, MO 65711 
USDA# 43-a-516

Inspection Date: Dec. 21, 2009
 "At the time of inspection, several of the outdoor dog houses did not contain adequate bedding.  The dogs had pulled the bedding from the houses and scattered it in the enclosures. The owner stated that the straw bedding would be replaced in the house after inspection was completed.  To protect the animals from extreme temperatures, bedding should be replaced often enough so that the dogs have an ample amount of bedding material to create a nest to sleep in.  This affects approximately 20 animals."

 Inspection Date: Dec. 08, 2008
"At the time of inspection, there was a large pile of waste material, old bedding material, and other debris, behind the whelping building.. This affects ten animals."

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