Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cold Winter Night

I went to Puppies of Westport tonight after I got off work at around 5:00 and stayed for an hour and a half.  The wind seemed to pick up and become more piercing as I stood there shivering with my sign.  I shuffled back and forth desperately trying to stay warm.  All the horns honking in support and smiling faces through car windows did much to warm my spirits.  However, I'm sure that some people must have thought that I'd gone absolutely bonkers to stand out there on such a night.  I'm just very determined.  It seems like I'm giving up something so small by standing out there in the cold when I think about all the dogs in these wretched mills.

At times I had to fight back the tears as I thought about the thousands of dogs stuck outside in this weather all day and all night, day after day through the long Winter.  I'm haunted by images and reports that I've read and want to shout at anyone who dares to even walk into that store!  Don't they know what they're doing?  They make me so angry!  But, alas, not one puppy left the store while I was there! Store patrons saw me across the street with my sign, as I was fighting the fierce wind to get my message across.

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  1. You seem to love dogs a lot. I have a dog of my own too, and I love him with all my heart. You're story just makes me sad.

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